Rise Above Sameness

It’s just natural: species cluster to themselves. For reproductive reasons, for protection, for the social life of that species, birds, mammals, fish, insects, and even some reptiles simply hang out with their own. And we of the ‘larger… Read More

When Thanatos interrupts the Party

I was thirteen when Neil Armstrong aimed his camera lens across the Bay of Tranquility to capture an image of our planetary home that stunned the world. Beyond the foreground of a stark lunar landscape, amidst an outer… Read More

When Hokey Ain’t So Bad

 I spent my childhood in a modest town in California. The town grew up about the time I did, but for some years there it wasn’t much. There was a movie theatre built in the Art Deco years,… Read More


The first time I ever remembering being distinctly embarrassed was in third grade class at Sonora Elementary School. My teacher was Mrs. Hanson, a teacher I adored, who favoured floral dresses and half eye glasses. We had been… Read More

Everyday Angels

Many years ago I grew to know and love a man of extraordinary achievements, but looking at him you would never have guessed. The circumstances of his birth and early childhood had left him with daunting personal challenges…. Read More

Bottling Up Spring for the Whole Year

About four years ago my friend Katy made my day, and made many since, by teaching me to make Elderflower Cordial from the Elderberry tree. The berries are NOT edible, so don’t go taste tasting those. However, the… Read More

Step In Step Out

Those of you who have visited Brookbank for your CSA box pick up or on another occasion will know that Dawn and I have been working steadily to reclaim and restore this site to become a regenerated farm… Read More

Into the Light

They poke up their heads like so many groundhogs all in a row. They cast eyes about. They see, they feel, neither winter nor spring. Instead, coaxed by the faux-sun of the silver halide lights overhead, they hang… Read More

Not So Bleak Midwinter

In the Not-so Bleak Midwinter Yes, dear friends, I know. Winter only officially begins with the Solstice at 2:44 am PST on the 21st.  But designations-of-humanoids be damned; for Nature – she of supreme power and she of… Read More

New Web Site

It’s a perfect activity for an icy cold December, when the chickens huddle up, the perennials have secreted themselves away beneath the safety of soil, and the land is eerily still. Yep. A new website! We offer special… Read More