My Dirty Old Man

My father grew up poor in southside Chicago, a clapboard house with no insulation, and rail tracks out back where the freight trains rolled past on their way to the Blue Island Yards. His family, like many, appropriated… Read More


The first time I ever remembering being distinctly embarrassed was in third grade class at Sonora Elementary School. My teacher was Mrs. Hanson, a teacher I adored, who favoured floral dresses and half eye glasses. We had been… Read More

Into the Light

They poke up their heads like so many groundhogs all in a row. They cast eyes about. They see, they feel, neither winter nor spring. Instead, coaxed by the faux-sun of the silver halide lights overhead, they hang… Read More


Thanks for visiting us, and welcome! We’re a small-scale farming enterprise located in the great community of Gibsons, BC. Each year we grow over 75 varieties of vegetables and fruits, and raise some livestock also. With a little… Read More

New Web Site

It’s a perfect activity for an icy cold December, when the chickens huddle up, the perennials have secreted themselves away beneath the safety of soil, and the land is eerily still. Yep. A new website! We offer special… Read More