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All things in moderation, but truth be told, we actually enjoy timely visits of all kinds here: our fantastic local friends and neighbours who buy our products or just stop by to enjoy this exquisite land, inquisitive urbanites sensing some ‘roots’, willing WWOOFers, school groups, unsettled souls who need the therapy of dirt under their nails, our growing network of permaculture friends and visionaries, non-violent revolutionaries and harmless strays, and well, heck, even the relatives. Details on our Contact page.

Some people are ‘foodies plus’, those highly conscious of food issues and willing not only to buy local but also help those who labour to grow the food. We love ya. Some like to put in some time in exchange for food. We love ya. Some need a day outside, or an hour or two, just away from everything thank you very much. We love ya. Some just like to get physical (platonically, in this case). We love ya. Yep, that’s the recurring theme here: we love those who, for whatever reason, want to help some. We sure need it. We bow in gratitude to YOU the gift. (And now the friendly caveat: if you think you can do your Tai Chi while weeding or to perfect your imitation of Marcel Marceau balanced against an upright tool, said bow will be withheld). Reach us through our contact page if interested.

Like every small farm, we need your support. But what a trade off! Some of that ever-waning-in-value government paper for a myriad of sumptuous food delights. The Brookbank farmstand carries a large variety of fruits and vegetables in season. Typically it is stocked and open Thursday through Sunday from late Spring to end of summer. Located on the northeast corner of Brookbank, at the intersection of Henry and Russell Road. The farmstand works on a true flash-from-the-gentler-past Honour System (fine, it’s not all altruism: we can’t both farm and keep a hawk eye on the stand, can’t pay a cashier, and repudiate the world of video surveillance). Just bring correct change if you can, and BE the honour you are.

We are founding members of the GFC, a collaboration between neighbouring organic farms that brings a wide range of locally grown/raised/crafted edibles weekly through our next generation CSA distribution model, an online ordering process that gives much greater convenience and flexibility (choice, more, less, etc.) to our wonderful consumers. It’s a simple system, it’s digital, and it works. A newsletter is emailed to you each week with a short blog and a full listing of what is available in the coming week. You simply order what you like, using an online shopping cart menu. Your order is then harvested fresh on pick up day. Pick up day is also your opportunity to connect with local farmers, and enjoy the additional mini ‘food hub’ market on site every Thursday at Brookbank.

Interested? Subscribe (with no obligation to purchase) to the Gibsons Farm Collective newsletter. Weekly newsletter brings news and contemplations, recipes, and most importantly, a list of our delicious, healthy, and lovingly grown food and value-added food products available for that week.