The Dream

We won’t lie: small scale organic farming means working crazy hours for modest economic reward. But we’ve learned that there are other rewards that are even better than, well, mere “cabbage” (i.e. greenbacks, moolah, fundage).

For starters, we grow really good tasting food. Think no further than those tomatoes in supermarkets: yes, red like tomatoes, yes again, round like tomatoes. But then why do they taste like packing chips? Our tomatoes are crazy good. Large scale non-organic food products just can’t compete against the tastes of ‘home grown.’  So, minus the caviar, we eat like royalty here.

Our food is also nutritionally better. Behind that extra flavor are extra nutrients just desperate to get inside you! And good food is the foundation to good health – body, mind, and spirit.

Best of all, we get to share this food goodness with our friends and neighbours. And that’s the ‘big picture’ of why we do it. We just sleep better at night because we know that in our own small way we are helping food production become an integral part of every local community again. Our vision is for a great resurgence in small local farms everywhere, and the food security they provide. Our dream is that all of us become less dependent on food that comes from waaay far away and often unstable places, which is (brace yourself for multiple adjectives) foolish and scary and reckless, and just a lousy idea for the planet.

So when you next hear this year’s fashionable buzz words, “environmental sustainability” take it from us: those words are the new blue jeans. They are going to stay in fashion, because a whole lot of us are starting to realize that from this day forward its either sustainability or calamity. That friends, is our greatest reward. We are joined with people everywhere in a rising movement that aims to pacifically make the ineffective and dangerous methods of food production and distribution by large agribusiness practices a page in past history.