Dawn can do lots of things. She knows how to run an office and do the bookkeeping. She once got herself a degree in Spatial Information Systems (geography), and in a former life, worked in software development. However, in 2007 Dawn officially got her groove back when she rediscovered her childlike wonder and flat out joy as a veggie gardening enthusiast. That’s how we began, with Dawn’s enthusiasm and sponge-like brain for all things vegetable. Picture her today: standing in the mud, shovel in hand, and yet, grinning ear to ear. She loves what she does that much; so much that she can’t imagine doing much else now. Okay, she also likes to travel, knit (we now have thousands of toques), make gorgeous sauerkraut on rainy days, and now is schooling herself in willow basketry (and raising all the necessary willow for it).

Paul comes by farming less honestly. He toured Academia long enough to complete three post graduate degrees (MCS, MDiv, DTh) and a subsequent dual career as a minister and writer. Things cruised in predictably fun and frustrating ways. It was just about when Paul was doing his Big Life Change that Dawn happened along. Voila! Stars aligned, Dawn’s enthusiasm rubbed off, and Paul leapt out of his career and into the furrows. In the years since he’s become a not bad planter-weeder-harvester, but his best works are tool craft and infrastructure needs: greenhouses, wash stations, walk-in coolers, fences, farm stands and so on. When he’s not on the farm Paul also works part time for an amazing non-profit organization serving children and youth in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside community:  The Saint James Music Academy. Paul has also received his Permaculture Design certification in 2014 and is currently enrolled in the advanced Permaculture Diploma program with mentor/teacher Delvin Solkinson.



Rick Pollay and Carole Christopher, are our powerhouse partners and great friends who joined with us in 2014 to co-purchase and restore the landmark Brookbank Farm. Both Rick and Carole are lifelong devotees of environmental causes, food security, and the life philosophy of ‘change-by-doing-and-not-by-killing.’  Carole is a master gardener, nutritionist and food policy activist, and is currently chair of the remarkable organization Society for Promoting Environmental Conservation (aka SPEC).  Rick is professor emeritus, marketing and behavioural sciences at UBC, a recognized authority on the character and social consequences of advertising, and a much-in-demand expert witness in suits against Big Tobacco. Their life achievements as advocates for justice and sustainability would fill pages. And lest you think you are in for a tedious evening with them, both are great gospel and jazz enthusiasts/singers.